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About us

About Pallavi Desai

Pallavi Desai is a firm believer of the Vedic sciences and has mastered the Vastu Shastra. She is an /deutsche-lesben/ acclaimed Vastu consultant in Mumbai, with proven expertise in reiki, colour therapy, meditation, dowsing and pyravastu as well. She provides comprehensive solutions to her wide range of clients across India, UAE, UK, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. www.bstincontri.it/servizio-di-incontri-gay/

Her Vastu remedies do not involve http://jobitel.com/ any form of breakage or demolition.

Providing accurate, result-oriented Vastu solutions that require no demolition is what makes Vastu with Pallavi stand a class apart in its field. Our focus has always been on opening the gates of maximum prosperity, fortune and positive energy for those who seek our services, through well calculated recommendations which are easy to apply.

As a leading Vastu consultant with a commendable global presence, Vastu with Pallavi offers consultancy, remedies and teaching to those looking for Vastu support. We engage in the planning and designing of all types of real estate ventures, be it residential, commercial, industrial or government infrastructure related. We also organize workshops aimed at educating interested candidates on the science of Vastu Shastra.

We offer optimal placement recommendations for the various rooms/departments of any space, with full compliance to the Vastu Shastra, and suggest the ideal colours, shapes and objects to be used in order to harness the positive energy of your space and maximize prosperity, development, harmony and peace.

Allow Vastu with Pallavi to help you reach your highest potential by altering your thoughts, deeds and actions for improved health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

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