Interior Designing - Vastu with Pallavi
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Interior Designing

Vastu with Pallavi has years of interior designing expertise and seamlessly combines appealing contemporary interior design with the ancient science of Vastu Shastra. We strive to build you a space that is not only beautiful but also reverberating with positive energy so that your home or office is the perfect environment for you to grow in and realize your highest potential.

Vastu with Pallavi incorporates all the major Vastu elements in your interior design to create a functional, positive and beautiful home or office environment for you.

Based on the Vastu Shastra, we design interiors with a distinct panorama of elegance, style, diversity and colours that also capture your taste and personality. We get involved in every step of the designing process, from making layouts to supervising the site and helping you purchase, order and manage budgets. We always take into account the social, economic, environmental and aesthetic aspects pertinent to each Vastu interior project.

Vastu with Pallavi offers Home Interiors, Bedroom Interiors (master bedroom, children’ bedroom), Bathroom Interiors, Kitchen Interiors, Living Room Interiors, Furniture Designing, Office Interiors, etc.