Planning & Designing - Vastu with Pallavi
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Planning & Designing

Pallavi Desai has a decade’s expertise on planning and designing family dwellings, commercial/industrial environments and government infrastructure projects that bring out her clients’ highest potential. Vastu with Pallavi has helped about 15,000 premises globally in reaping the positive benefits of Vastu Shastra.

Through continued practice, we have developed a reliable system to balance the five fundamental elements of nature and 8 cardinal and ordinal directions. We cater to comprehensive Vastu planning and designing and deliver guidelines for all processes – from the very selection of an ideal site to the construction of the building, the orientation of rooms and the restriction or passage of natural elements like sunlight, wind etc.

The primary aim of our Vastu planning and designing is to augment health, wealth, prosperity, success and happiness.

Our systematic Vastu planning and designing process consists of:

Selection of plot/site

Plot/site visit, analysis and formulation of corrective measures

Conception of project layout

Formation of floor plans

Creation of interior layout

Remedial measures for Vastu defects