Remedying - Vastu with Pallavi
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At times, residential or commercial structures may possess a combination of minor and major Vastu Dosh (defects). The magnitude of these defects and their tendency to multiply depend on their direction and orientation, and they obstruct the positive potential of the location.

Through the synchronization of the five fundamental elements of nature and perfect positioning and orientation of things based on Vastu Shastra, Vastu with Pallavi dedicates itself to correcting all kinds of complex Vastu Dosh.

We thoroughly analyze the troubled space to come up with accurate Vastu remedies that are bound to give results and require no demolition. Vastu Dosh can be neutralized through alterations in the rooms/departments and in the interior design, by shifting the placement of physical elements and by using regulators or certain charged objects such as a yantra, kavach, pyramid, crystal or idol. These Vastu remedial objects are born of intensive research, purification and ritualization, Vastu with Pallavi to especially benefit you.