Vastu Consultancy - Vastu with Pallavi
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Vastu Consultancy

With the objective to create a positive transformation in your space, Vastu with Pallavi offers reliable Vastu advice to eliminate environmental stress and Vastu defects for all residential and commercial spaces, including:








Beauty Salons

Educational Institutions


Township Plans

Hotels and Restaurants

Vastu Consultancy for Existing Structures:

Balancing your residential/commercial environment by aligning celestial and earthly energies using Vastu re-alignment tools and technology

Neutralizing existing Vastu defects with remedies that do not require structural demolition

Evaluating delayed or complicated on-going projects from the perspective of Vastu Shastra and suggesting remedial measures for improvement

Vastu Consultancy for New Structures:

  • Selecting of the most auspicious site for home/office
  • Planning and designing a personalized, schematic building and environmental design based on your requirements
  • Collaborating with your local architect to create construction drawings
  • Suggesting the ideal interior design, including colors, lighting and furniture placement
  • Recommending landscape design and plantings that are both aesthetically pleasing and possess balanced energy
  • Construction sequencing – providing specific guidelines from groundbreaking to completion